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Bear Grylls reviews how realistic survival movies are, including The Revenant, Cast Away, Point Break, Titanic, Bird Box, and more. Bear talks about his experience sleeping inside the carcass of a camel, dealing with a malfunctioning parachute, and almost freezing to death. Bear Grylls hosts Nat Geo’s six-part series Hostile Planet, premiering April 1, at 9/8c.
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Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair




22 Сак 2019





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Diamond Boi
Diamond Boi 55 хвілін таму
Funny bear Grylls is talking about survival when he was eating crew food of camera😂
Nautilus1972 55 хвілін таму
Drew's right hand?
MrAwsomeshot 55 хвілін таму
was Les Stroud not available? calling this guy a survival expert is like calling a ford fiesta a sports car.
AwesomeAna 56 хвілін таму
*_i tented my pants_*
Desert Punk
Desert Punk 56 хвілін таму
This was really well done... Legend
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood 57 хвілін таму
6:56, thank me later.
ConFall 57 хвілін таму
Bear Grylls : I've actually been in this situation before Everyone : Ayyy loook, a new meme format
Sar Oz Vlogs
Sar Oz Vlogs 57 хвілін таму
Subscribe me i also give you in return
Nautilus1972 57 хвілін таму
Jack: Can I get on that with you, there's loads of room? Rose: No.
Matt Isadore
Matt Isadore 58 хвілін таму
Dorothy gets swept away by a tornado. Bear: "ooo iv been there many of times" LEGEND
gordor bordor
gordor bordor 58 хвілін таму
Sub to pewdiepie
gordor bordor
gordor bordor 58 хвілін таму
Sub to pewdiepie
Chef CheliOs
Chef CheliOs 58 хвілін таму
Bear Grylls best
Cowcharge 58 хвілін таму
More like "I've been in that hotel before."
easyeswitch 58 хвілін таму
The only thing bear Grylls knows is how to call room service. He was exposed several times
Hikaru 58 хвілін таму
I play pubg......... .-.
Boat Ranger VS Zombies
Boat Ranger VS Zombies 59 хвілін таму
what about revenant when they always getting their boots wet in the cold weather?
B McCarthy
B McCarthy 59 хвілін таму
The comment section is killing me 🤣
Royktilia 59 хвілін таму
I clicked on this just to read the comments
Andy Mendoza
Andy Mendoza Годину таму
"I actually saw Rob up there, when we climbed it." I can't.
Nitro Gaming
Nitro Gaming Годину таму
new meme?
Youtube 大热门
Youtube 大热门 Годину таму
jamie morgan
jamie morgan Годину таму
Every time I hear bear Grylls it’s like he’s doing an impression of himself 🤷🏻‍♂️
LumberDino Годину таму
Nobody : Bear Grylls : I've actually been in this situation before
cfb1 Годину таму
Bear watchin Anabelle "I've been in that situation before"
G Jakub
G Jakub Годину таму
I just find it funny that a guy who got famous off faking a survival show. Is on here lying to the world acting like he is an expert on this. If he really got stranded in the wild I guarantee he wouldn’t survive.
Rafael Del Villar
Rafael Del Villar Годину таму
Cheater! Cheater!!!
Fight-or-Flight Годину таму
u can take Bear Grylls out of the survival but you cant take the survival out of Bear Grylls... wearing his padded jacket in a photo studio.
Virginia Paintball
Virginia Paintball Годину таму
Bear grylls is fake. All of his stunts are faks
Dave hutch
Dave hutch Годину таму
I don’t think this dude is qualified to comment on the REALISM of survival ANYTHING, phony. Send in Les!!
Bopah Nhem
Bopah Nhem Годину таму
What hasn’t he done or seen?
Matt GSM
Matt GSM Годину таму
0:48 REEE?
Yogesh Nayak
Yogesh Nayak Годину таму
Still finding that guy who said he died in a car accident
Eric Zuby
Eric Zuby Годину таму
Les Stroud >Bear Grylls
Cookies Годину таму
What a fking legends
NodNarb Xx
NodNarb Xx Годину таму
*watches 2 girls 1 cup* Bear Grylls: yeah I’ve been in this situation before.
תומר ביכובסקי
תומר ביכובסקי Годину таму
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen Годину таму
This guy makes some alright knives...
JediGeneral B
JediGeneral B Годину таму
*titanic is sinking* “This is another situation I’ve been in before.”
Тут интересно
Тут интересно Годину таму
"How to became a meme in a couple hours" by BG
Нурсултан Акимжанов
салам Кыргызстана
ScarlettP Годину таму
The universe blows up Bear: Yeah I've been in that situation before
julius Годину таму
How about the film 2012" any solution ? :)
Brian m
Brian m Годину таму
Grylls is hack.
JediGeneral B
JediGeneral B Годину таму
I LOVE BEAR!!! I read his book and it was awesome there was so much in there that I never knew about him. He has been through so much and still has a GREAT attitude. Good job Bear! Keep going!
Nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible Годину таму
Not really used to watching clean bear grylls
Cismigiu Petre
Cismigiu Petre Годину таму
shows video of someone literally dying. Bear Grylls: Yeah, I've actually been in that situation before
Ahsan Wasif
Ahsan Wasif Годину таму
Bear Grylls host meme review
TxSTARLORD Годину таму
Probably just mad no one drinks there pee
Hey Годину таму
This mates wild! But Where’s the camera crew with fresh Fiji water?
Man-Ung Yi
Man-Ung Yi Годину таму
BG, aging handsomely!
Ashley Flores
Ashley Flores Годину таму
Yeah get a phony to review survival methods....
Blank Годину таму
A new meme of Bear Grylls is on the way!
皮皮 Годину таму
Steven Kim
Steven Kim Годину таму
Bear's like, it's not a survival movie if you don't drink your own pee...
Not Ceative
Not Ceative Годину таму
Y’all I came here just to leave a comment :)
Weird Guy
Weird Guy Годину таму
I'd say they are about as realistic as man vs wild. so good bit of fantasy chucked in.
Quick Dimwit
Quick Dimwit Годину таму
Ain't this the dude that got caught going to hotels on his "survival" show? Or was that another t.v. hero?
Omer Akgul
Omer Akgul Годину таму
Me: I was here before the new bear grylls meme Bear Grylls: I’ve been in this situation before
John Doe
John Doe Годину таму
We really care about this guy who apparently had a crew and lived in luxury while being in the “wild”? Yeah... dislike
Cupcakeprincess Годину таму
I love this !
AmarH Годину таму
Being a woman Bear Grylls: Yeah I've been in that situation before
Brandon Alder
Brandon Alder Годину таму
(British special forces) hahahahaha I can color inside the lines too
Gaurav Gurha
Gaurav Gurha Годину таму
tell everyone i was present when Bear Grylls became a meme.
Jamie Thunder
Jamie Thunder Годину таму
*Tyrannosaurus breaks through the electric fence and flips over the car* "Yeah, well I've actually been in this situation before.."
Dave Pawson
Dave Pawson Годину таму
Find a spider in your bed while you're in the bed and not knowing where it went or if it's on you or not.
BIG DAT Годину таму
What a absolute MAD LAD
dima kosmonavt
dima kosmonavt Годину таму
IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!koprofil !!!!!!!!!
Piece of Toast
Piece of Toast Годину таму
Grylls- “I’m hungry can we take a break?” Camera guy- “yea man sure.” Grylls - >PULLS DEAD BAT OUT OF JACKET< “Ahhh....snacc..”
J Mason
J Mason Годину таму
How has no one come up with idea before!?
victor martone
victor martone Годину таму
A Brazilian skydiver called Sabiá actually did this. Jumped with no parachute (or shirt even) counting on another skydiver to jump after and catching him. Pretty epic stuff. Found the link: byvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D1%8D%D0%B0-ptBgjX9DNjg.html
dima kosmonavt
dima kosmonavt Годину таму
чтобы выжить надо есть что другие какают и пить что писают другие,пейте мочу в +40 там много аммиака и вы здохните в первый же день ,у вас почки и печень откажет сразу,шоу для идиотов
Skullcrush 13
Skullcrush 13 Годину таму
My childhood is old?!
Paddy McCaffrey
Paddy McCaffrey Годину таму
Where can I get that jacket?
Marko Siljegovic
Marko Siljegovic Годину таму
he has done everything lol
JJ Justin Jokes
JJ Justin Jokes Годину таму
They should’ve called the video Bear Grylls grills survival movies
sid assassin
sid assassin Годину таму
8:39 nevar undererstimate power of white moving water??
justinl458 Годину таму
I love bear grylls. Awesome guy, pretty good personality. Ain't like the Kardashians or whatnot. Actually does stuff and has wife and kids on island. 10/10 love his content. Also quit using him as a meme. Just because your pathetic lives are dull and uninteresting doesn't mean you can make fun of him for his adventurous career and life. All I see is a bunch of low life degenerate ignoramuses commenting memes. It's quite sickening.
Yung Krusty
Yung Krusty Годину таму
Shoulda had Arctic with Mads Mikkelson...
If i step on the cracks I’m gay
If i step on the cracks I’m gay Годину таму
If a meme template is born today, I am here
Fox Xof
Fox Xof Годину таму
Brian Migliaccio
Brian Migliaccio Годину таму
The office is awesome
donmab Годину таму
Ask him to review survivor man.
Sam X
Sam X Годину таму
I've watched all of his T.V series and I can conform that he has"actually been in those situations before"
Augustin Fabre
Augustin Fabre Годину таму
This is how badass Crocodile dundee is. Bear Grylls himself says the crocodiles he kills with just a knife are impossible to handle.
Tapetalraindog 9
Tapetalraindog 9 Годину таму
7:47 *peta has left the chat*
Cat Dog
Cat Dog Годину таму
Matt Damon tries to survive on Mars. Bear: "Yeah I have been in that situation before. I remember when Elon Musk..."
Wendellmina Gaurino
Wendellmina Gaurino Годину таму
I loved that they saved the best for last: Michael Scott trying to survive in the jungle.
dingleroot slinger
dingleroot slinger Годину таму
bear grylls here byvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D1%8D%D0%B0-3UpSlpvb1is.html
Dalton TV99
Dalton TV99 Годину таму
Comments have created the ultra instinct meme
Boneless Pizza
Boneless Pizza Годину таму
I think the Office one was extremely realistic. He was completely in over his head which is exactly how 99% of people would be in a real situation like that lol
sid assassin
sid assassin Годину таму
Bear grylls needs a *BYvid* channel right now!
Ellis Merrick
Ellis Merrick Годину таму
Do Americans know about bear grylls? Genuine question and if you do, how?
Legend of Nibbaheem
Legend of Nibbaheem Годину таму
He aged
Titanic sinks Bear grylls : yeah I’ve been in this situation before
Mackinley Hughes
Mackinley Hughes Годину таму
I met this bloke that lives out in the bush he was talking about how bear Grylls is a joke and I watched him start a fire with a couple of sticks in like 30 seconds he was one of the most Aussie blokes I’ve ever met. And I sort of hate him because he ruined best Grylls for me.
Testhamster Годину таму
Ladies and Gentlemen, you wittnessed the birth of a new meme!
Duckielo Годину таму
*cries* I just saw the birth of a new meme
Ellen Tani
Ellen Tani Годину таму
Making fire is hot 🔥
Ronin Годину таму
When you're bear grylls you're most likely going to be in many situations because he's a survival expert
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