Mystery Wheel of Slime Challenge 2 w/ Funny Satisfying DIY How To Switch Up Game

Collins Key
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Learn how to make the 5 best new DIY slimes from this funny switch up mystery wheel of slime challenge 2 game with oobleck slime dump. This video is sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios. Collect Buzzcoin and Do Good! No purchase necessary. Ends April 15th. See www.beegoodrewards.com for more details.
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Brothers (not twins) the key bros compete in this do it yourself squishy twin telepathy slime making challenge where they use crazy tools and supplies like real too many ingredients like eggs and egg pancake art challenge breakfast, they mix glue, foam, and store bought slime glitter into the ultimate smoothie slime instead of using piping bag slime or balloon glove and gloves slime. Create satisfying shaving cream foam fluffy and crunchy slime at home with your friends and family from this funny, cool tutorial. Full of unicorns, glue slime, sta flo blender slime mixing, amazing hacks, shredding and fails, it is sure to make you laugh. They’ll test and try to make easy, awesome and fun slime in this entertainment and science experiment / life hack prank comedy education compilation viral video series. Also, check out the slime dump in a mini bath pool at the end.

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17 Ліс 2018

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youtube just went down while i was watching this at 6.13 : (
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Slime videos I’m 2018, K
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Oh no... What nonsense has Collins dragged you into Devan? 😫
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This gives me a migraine, one like=one less migraine
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Keeper Squad
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It was pretty when you man a stra slime
Why don’t we Wayhoo
Why don’t we Wayhoo Годину таму
They have a lot of energy I don’t even have that much energy xD
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Noble Clark Годину таму
The video is my favorite is this ome
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I mean I did give it a thumbs up
Sierra Flowers Colusa
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I mae
Sierra Flowers Colusa
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Cellini key
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can you do other video keyper squad
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How many people paused the video to see Devan's stats?\
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This is funny
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collins won and i love you guys you are the best
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Jayleen Cadenas
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Keper aquad
Jayleen Cadenas
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I want to see a Colin keys video that is not edited
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H Hi H Plz like this took way too long.😂
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Why is this 1# trending
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Do more try not to laugh. Like if u agree Or do more diys like if u agree 😊😊😊😊😊✌️😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Ellie Marshall
Ellie Marshall Годину таму
wow awsome
john hardin
john hardin 2 години таму
I bet they are being crazy for the video
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kamran malone 2 години таму
I can do it but I won't
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I wont the xbox plz i love your chanel
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go watch Cobeens
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Inner Circle
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john hardin 2 години таму
ELLIE THE COOL 2 години таму
1.Devan 2.Devan 3. Collins 4.Devan
GachaStudioFriends IloveBTS
GachaStudioFriends IloveBTS 2 години таму
Sorry Collin Devin won he the best you both are
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Rolling Bubbles PowerPuffGirls 2 години таму
1. Devan 2. Devan 3. Devan 4. Collins 5.
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I thought you said that you never ever were shorts
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Lauryn Ieremia Maia 2 години таму
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Very child friendly. Btw,i just subcribed
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Shaelan Mulligan
Shaelan Mulligan 2 години таму
Can ya'll do more bloopers?
GachaStudioFriends IloveBTS
GachaStudioFriends IloveBTS 2 години таму
Sorry Collin Devin won candle slime is the best though
Fuzzywuzzy is my best friend
Fuzzywuzzy is my best friend 2 години таму
This is my first time on you tube
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Arianna Belen Jordan Vega 2 години таму
Son #1 en tendencias !!!!!!!!!!! Estoy orgullosa de ustedes , saludos desde Ecuador 🇪🇨
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Elberes 45 2 години таму
can not wait to see the new merch
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Magdog Mae 2 години таму
You guys are hilarious! Of course I subbed a long time ago . Please respond.
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Naveed Ur Rehman 2 години таму
I am your biggest fan and can you give my a shoutout it is my birthday and my name i
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Deven made the best slime
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Henry Domenici 2 години таму
“Let’s crack them on your head and figure out which is which!” -Devan Key Best quote on BYvid.
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Jasmine Moon 2 години таму
OMG ITS NUMBER ONE ON TRENDING CONGRATS! and from one to ten how much are you guys are tired.
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Hi collins key and Devan key
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collin won but deavn won with the candle yeeeeet
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#1 on trending today! get job Collins and Devan!
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Sara S 2 години таму
Congrats #1
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Devarshi Upadhyay 2 години таму
Brianna Shaw
Brianna Shaw 2 години таму
i was crying a little bit earlyer bc i saw something VERY SAD it called "the hated child" its on YT then right at the beggening if this vid i laughed my but off you guys make me feel so happy and i just laugh at everything you guys do even if its not funny :P
Chase Yokoyama
Chase Yokoyama 2 години таму
The fact that this video is #1 trending ..
Janice Rodriguez
Janice Rodriguez 2 години таму
Lol I love you guys
Paint Grenade
Paint Grenade 2 години таму
Who else misses the old videos
Wolfie Animations
Wolfie Animations 2 години таму
Why can't he touch glitter
WhatALife !
WhatALife ! 2 години таму
I thought he was a magician
Maxon Mitchell
Maxon Mitchell 2 години таму
Congrats on trending
Emily Clark
Emily Clark 2 години таму
Collins is literally my spirit animal😂😂
Kristen Stofleth
Kristen Stofleth 2 години таму
Don't use tuna the tiger from mixing paint
Crafty Girls
Crafty Girls 2 години таму
Did anyone but me see Collins shining the laser at the camera
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Aarmau lover 4,000 2 години таму
#1 trending!!
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Lily Sell 2 години таму
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Y'all make really funny videos .I really enjoy it.
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Bender Rodríguez 2 години таму
*quality content
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