Rep. Ocasio-Cortez And Stephen Eat Ben & Jerry's

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells Stephen about her first few weeks in Congress over a couple pints of ice cream.
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22 Стд 2019

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Jarvis Turner
Jarvis Turner 57 хвілін таму
Boo. Socialism.She wants to raise taxes to 70 percent. You mean I can only have 30 percent of what I earn? Yes!
NogPotato 57 хвілін таму
*oh yeah yeah*
M0rtecai 57 хвілін таму
neckbeards incoming to spread bs about AOC
Lumpy Shrubs
Lumpy Shrubs 57 хвілін таму
She's dumber than my fifth nipple. I think her brain has irritable bowel syndrome and maybe a little bit of pseudoquailism.
sanfrantakemehome 57 хвілін таму
People don't believe in her cause she's young and radical, but when you look at her proposals, they're very much rooted in historically evidence based practice. The comments can shut up about her being a communist or whatever, she's reverting to "great" economics that worked for our country. It's good he's meeting with an up and coming individual thinker.
KindaRustySocks24 57 хвілін таму
Great to see Ocasio-Cortez stand up for the underrepresented diligent working class citizenry that this nation will forever love and dwell on the upper-middles that created such a great nation that we call the USA. Wish I could have eaten Ben and Jerry’s with her and maybe her dog!!! She should run in 2020
Gam3 Hecker237
Gam3 Hecker237 57 хвілін таму
Take over trending brothers
Cody01112 57 хвілін таму
Better dead than red
Gam3 Hecker237
Gam3 Hecker237 58 хвілін таму
Oh yeah yeah
Jim Mauch
Jim Mauch 58 хвілін таму
I can’t understand while you invite people in your show that everyone hates. I could not hear the booing over the cheers.
Rogue N P C
Rogue N P C 58 хвілін таму
*Trump 2020*
Deer Hunter
Deer Hunter 59 хвілін таму
Clueless rabid badger
Lil Pump
Lil Pump 59 хвілін таму
harambe 4life
harambe 4life 59 хвілін таму
oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh
Taco 59 хвілін таму
Oh yeah yeah
Alkalite 59 хвілін таму
Give me that Ben and Jerry's if you're not gonna eat it, goddammit!
mushi 59 хвілін таму
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 59 хвілін таму
Welcome to hell people.
Sedat KPunkt
Sedat KPunkt 59 хвілін таму
Totally literally my dream woman.... Intelligent, smart and beautiful. Incarnation of "Beauty, Body & Brain" Alexandria, hear my voice or stumble over it. I haven't met any women who I would like to share my life with. I always thought that the woman, whose path I would unify with mine, only exists in my fantasies or dreams. Ok.....and now I get howling :D
khouse Годину таму
lunatic who doesn’t even know the 3 branches of government
Raj Kapadia
Raj Kapadia Годину таму
Conservatives can call her what they want, but they ignore the fact that she’s one of the few politicians who’s actively pushing to combat the very real threat of climate change, not just minor steps like a carbon tax, but a full solution to the impending crisis. Climate change is the largest threat the US and the world currently faces, and bold steps such as the #GreenNewDeal must be taken to avert tremendous damage to our economy, ecosystems, and stability.
steve woolley
steve woolley Годину таму
i love her sooo much!
Comment King
Comment King Годину таму
Stephen needs James Mattis and he is set
Ben Kahnke
Ben Kahnke Годину таму
Ok yes she’s insane but #wheresmitch is undeniably a funny idea
First name Last name
First name Last name Годину таму
BYvid is corrupt, oh yeah yeah
Markonefifteen Годину таму
What a nice lady..... for a commie! Jk I hate the bias in Colbert. She seems like a really nice lady, political views aside. Congrats to her for being a very young and strong woman to enter Congress.
Tracefate Годину таму
Oh yeah yeah
Drew Murray
Drew Murray Годину таму
Loht nyeaht shyeahw
reptile boy
reptile boy Годину таму
This is number 1 because BYvid said so !! Am I right?
priscilla mora
priscilla mora Годину таму
Brad Haines
Brad Haines Годину таму
lady is really just saying how much time and money is wasted by politicians. we need to replace them all, one way or another
Lenny Guenov
Lenny Guenov Годину таму
I come I dislike
Josh Weaver
Josh Weaver Годину таму
Jantzen Baker
Jantzen Baker Годину таму
How can anyone watch this garbage
LickTeWindow Годину таму
Oh yeah yeah
First name Last name
First name Last name Годину таму
NoCucksAllowed Годину таму
So relatable! Epic! Show feet!
Zeke S
Zeke S Годину таму
Ben Kahnke
Ben Kahnke Годину таму
The top comments here are restoring my faith in humanity
LIL SUS PEE PEE Годину таму
Oh yeah yeah
JoshTheDog Годину таму
Oh yeah
David Aguilar
David Aguilar Годину таму
Oh yha ya
ᵇʳᵃⁿᵈᵒⁿ Годину таму
Oh yeah yeah
A.I. Privilege
A.I. Privilege Годину таму
What a bimbo lol
Josh Weaver
Josh Weaver Годину таму
She will be the final stone in bringing America to its knees by financial ruins. No sense of financial management. Let’s double out debt for free things!!! It’s only 40 trillion!!
Gemini Royalty
Gemini Royalty Годину таму
All great empires come to an end
Freddy Del
Freddy Del Годину таму
For your convenience, the comment section is comprised of the following: 60% Oh yeah 20% she’s a communist 10% quotes from her 10% why is this trending?
Andrew Zuehlke
Andrew Zuehlke Годину таму
Socialists, Marxists, and Communists killed more people than Hitler could ever hope to.
John Manderson
John Manderson Годину таму
AOC is perfect 👌🏼 Go girl ! 👍🏻✅
CT NH Годину таму
one of the best interviews I have seen in over 20 years, the haters gonna hate, duck it is trending
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